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The life of Alex Morrow

The brainchild of my insanity

Alex Morrow
24 October 1985
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-Personal Information-

Other aliases: Alex, Comet, DJ, Blizzard, Togepi3, Yoshiboy12.

D.O.B: 10.24.85

Where am I?: Still in CA, USA

Marital Status: Single

-Other Information-

Favorite DJs: Scott Brown, Sy, Gammer, and Infinitron.

Favorite Hardcore Artists: Scott Brown (aka. Interstate, Q-Tex, Hardcore Authority, Plus System, Mook, X-Tech, Dream Collective) Sy, Unknown, Gammer, Akuma Goof, and JAKAZiD.

Favorite Musical Artists: Eiffel 65, t.A.T.u, The Postal Service, Deathcab for Cutie.

Favorite Video Games: Lots and lots. Worms, Jetpack, and any Zelda.

Favorite Arcade Games: Beatmania, Beatmania IIDX, Guitar Freaks, Drum Mania, Keyboard Mania.

Favorite Shows: Invader ZIM, Rocko's Modern Life, Late Night with Conan 'o Brian.

(warning: the above is years old and I haven't changed any of it for just as long)